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Question: Discuss about theEnterprise System for Australian Healthcare Industry. Answer: Introduction Every healthcare facility must deploy policies and courses on asset management and equipment control. Equipment control and asset management requires the administration of medical devices within a facility and they areassisted by independent information systems among which the main is Enterprise Resource System (ERP). In this context, the following report is designed to provide a useful insight into the informed decisions regarding the adoption and implementation of ERP system in Mobile Health Electronics which is a medical manufacturer in Australia. The report analyses the current situation of the company and offers a proper software selection process to the management. Also, the report discusses the foundations for business value and digital transformation through digital commotion. Scope The scope of this report is wide as it evaluates the need of ERP system in one of the most vital and demanded field that is, medical devices manufacturing. The Australian Healthcare industry is expanding quickly not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of employment. One of the major diversof the healthcare sector in Australia is the increased consciousness of people regarding their health(Almajali et al., 2016). Also, due to increase in the average income of people, they now want proper and quick health solutions. Thus, ERP becomes necessary in this sector. Audience This report targets the whole healthcare devices manufacturing companies of Australia through MHE. Project Background In todays competitive environment, attempts to improve medical facilities have risen all over the world. The role of IT is extended to search out the relevant solutions for different challenges faced by the healthcare organizations.The purpose of this project is to study how the ERP systems are usefulin the medical sector for enhancing the quality of healthcare services. Since the Information Technology now involves all the industries which are presently experiencing significant change management, it has been found that the deployment of ERP systems in medical equipment manufacturing companies has not been reported on a large level (Poba-Nzaou et al., 2014) M. This made the researcher to analyze the importance and need of Enterprise Resource System in improving the quality of medical services to the patients and access to the integration of services facility for the management. Moreover, this report would be helpful in identifying the ways in which the installation of ERP systems is profitable for the organizations in running their activities. It assess the significant changes which can be brought by ERP systems in various fields such as human resource, finance, admission resources, and increasing capacity as well as revenue (Garg, and Agarwal, 2014). Since there is a lack of an in-depth research in this sector, this report is designed to investigate the usage of ERPs in medical sector. Analysis and Evaluation of the current situation Strategic considerations Benefits of using a New ERP system An effective transparency of all necessary procedures throughout different divisions of the company, particularly for the senior management Independent and comprehensible workflow from one division to another so as to maintain a flawless transfer and fast accomplishment of the processes (Habidin et al., 2016) Effective inter-divisional operations and ensuring that none of these is skipped Access to the integrated and single reporting structure for evaluating the status across the different departments, such as real time No need of maintaining a separate software system(Parthasarathy, andDaneva, 2014) ERP also contains BI functionalities which provide understanding of business processes andpotential areas for improvements Availability of a range of modules in an ERP system such as HR, Finance, Marketing, sales, supply chain, CRM, and production An effective secure,and centralized storage system for all enterprise data Better collaboration among all the functions of the organization Integration of other systems to the ERP via Application Programming Interface Useful for managers to control operations which are globally discrete Drawbacks of using a new ERP system Time: Any project begins far before the actual implementation of software if the business requirements for the new ERP are not identified and possible suppliers are not evaluated properly. Moreover, it could be very time consuming for the new ERP to go from, evaluation to implementation (Branger, and Pang, 2015).After the system execution, the new ERP replacement project may disturb and create delays in other projects. It may also take more time for the users to learn the skills and adjust with the new technology. Cost: Installation of the new ERP can be expensive for the company as a replace and rip can cost around 15 million dollar or even more. The company can also experience a revenue decline when the system is executed because the IT members adjust to the new process. Changes to the ERP: Implementation of new ERP can change everything within the ERP process. The third party software may find it difficult to integrate effectively with the new ERP. Moreover, the transactional as well as master data may need to be changed to the new ERP. Apart from, this, there is no surety that the new system will actually work and meet all the business needs. Business requirements and drivers Following is the list of MHEs business requirements and business drivers: Quality Planning: Mobile Health Electronics is required to develop and ability to determine if the inspection is approved or not. The company needs to look for the quality plan which can enable the users to create particular measures in the inspection. User Certification: HME requires its ERP system to further than its basic level and identify if the user is eligible for a specific function or inspection based on training, experience or testing (Mucheleka, and Halonen, 2015). Supplier Management: It is another important area where HME needs a little more from its ERP system.The company also needs to obtain government approval to get a faster and reliable support (Shen et al., 2016). Furthermore, the MHE does not have a special type of manufacturing in utilizing its core competencies. Vendor selection and ERP platform: MobileHealth Electronics has requirements much like any manufacturer but with particular focus on aother domains whichmay be less relevantfor another business. Linking requirements to ERP functionalities Identified Items Product data guidelines Product traceability Customer management framework Business Driver/business requirement Governmental and industry standards Strategic partnership Innovative techniques Business processes FDA compliance Value chain mapping Quality management Required data All aspects of products lifecycle Patients outcomes wide range of knowledge of medical equipmentmeeting the needs of the customer ERP functionalities Revision change control Epicor Mobile Access Customer Relationship Management Software selection process Information and assumptions required for recommending the best ERP solution to MHE Key Macro Drivers The MobileHealth Electronics has manyvital macro drivers connected with it. One of the key factors influencing the company is government guidelines. It most significantly affects the pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations (OSullivan, et al., 2014). Thus, HME requires numerous trials and tests for any drug to be considered for approval by the government. Macro Environment Anothersignificant factor which impacts the healthcare sector is the Affordable Care Act. This act influencesalmost every companyprovidingmedical care and is beneficial for some while burden for others. For instance, the MHECompanymay be required to pay a 2.3% tax on all sales of equipment which can hurt the companys revenue. Life Cycle Like many other companies, MHE has a life cycle with four stages; an early stage, innovation stage, maturity stage and decline phase(OSullivan, et al., 2014). The MHE organizationis at the maturity stage. At the maturity stage, companies become perfects on their key product and become successful in getting economies of scale. Also, smaller companies are forced to exitfrom the market by putting barriers to the entry. Recommendation of a solution SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (a.k.a SAP S/4HANA) This system is especially designed for themost advanced in memory phase and on the modern design rules with SAP Fiori user experience (UX). It brings in business revolution by creating huge network of people, and devices in the real time for supporting the development of new business principles. The system is also helpful in associating the on-ramp to Big data and internet of things (Awa et al., 2016). It enables the clients to redesign their IT so as to reduce the costs and provide efficiency. This ERP package assists the management in integrating the day to day business process in an effective way (OSullivan, et al., 2014). It also unifies the operations from lines of businesses and industry solutions to integrate the elements of SAP products like SAP SRM, SAP SCM, and SAP CRM. SAP HANA system is useful in saving a company throughout the software, labour cost and hardware as well. SAP ECC6 It is one of the latest developed versions of SAPs enterprise system. It generally offers end to end software assistance for the organizations. The term end to end implies HR, manufacturing, project management, Customer relationship management, and sales and distribution(OSullivan, et al., 2014). However, it acts an alternative for the companies to install from scratch-one software each depending on the requirements of specific business activity. Although this ERP can be cheaper for the organizations yet in the long run, the advantages will be restricted and integration of all the data can become a tough task for the management. Moreover, this system enables access to various types of modules in different suits (Budgett, et al., 2017). Using this, the company becomes able to emphasise on the details of every aspect in business processes. It can be said that this ERP acts as an umbrella which covers the whole series of conventional computerised planning software. Sage X3 Sage X3 is an exceptional ERP system which is designed to offer unique business solutionsthe healthcare manufacturing companies come to know and imagine. This technology has been evolvingoutside the conventional ERP confines and,flawlesslyand readily improves the level of productivity in the distribution, production, and services sector(Almajali et al.,201. This ERP package ismobile responsive, web based, and ready to use software which supports a number of languages, currencies, and legislations. It also helps the management in controlling multi-site and multi-company functions. The system is comprised of effectively integrated BI along with graphical business courses and work flow abilities. Best ERP for MHE The above discussions show that installation of a suitable ERP package is significant for the healthcare device manufacturing companies in order to improve and enhance its dataflow and communication (Islam et al., 2016). In this view, SAGE X3 ERP is the best business solution to MHE to address these factors and make the operations simpler for the management as well as patients. Since HME is the part of Healthcare sector, it is obligatory for it to comply effectively with all the government regulations of Australia and should meet all the accounting policies of the country. Sage X3 serves as a strong ERP system which can help the company to safely manage the business operations and meet customer requirements at the same time for ensuring the needs of both federal as well as local agencies of Australia(Kang et al., 2017). This package is also helpful in assisting MHE in becoming more effective in controlling the data through advanced functionality, strong reporting system and independence. Other benefits of adopting Sage X3 for HME are as follows: Improved patient care: Sage X3 will offer improved visibility of patient details to the organization and the management will be able to providebetter and timely care to the patients (Das, and Dayal, 2016). Better integration: Sage X3 ERP for healthcaresector comes with better integration capabilities with other enterprise management systems such as CRM and payroll (Amani et al., 2016). Business Intelligence: One of the vital aspects of this ERP package for healthcare industry is BI. It will assists MHEin monitoring operational efficiency for a hospital by providingrequired metrics associated to costing and critical patient and treatment analytics(Kang et al., 2017). It would also facilitate the right care to the right patient at the right time. Minimized operational cost:SAGE X3 ERP will be helpful for MHE as it will be able to integrate all critical business processes such as HR inventory, supplies, billing, finance, and thus decreases operational cost (Hussain et al., 2016). Independence:This functionality of Sage X3 for the company will make it easy for the management to track appointments, check and appraise patient/prescription and details. Synchronization:Sage X3will provide MHE with anincorporated platform for all critical data, and pulling out of crucial report will become simple. Analysis of digital transformation through digital disruption Digital disruption refers to the transformation that occurs due to the effect ofdigital know-how and business techniques on value preposition of current products and services.Since MHE is a manufacturer of medical devices and contributes significantly in the healthcare sector of Australia, it possesses a crucial relationship with technologiesand innovative modelsChoi, S., (Kang et al., 2017).Technology makes it efficient for the management to carry out critical processes and enables to manufacture stronger equipment and reduce errors at the same time. From the above case study, it is analysed that digital disruption in MHE is important in performing clinical operations and maintaining the records of electronic medical. The role of medical care requires extended scope of healthcareto make the patients able to use health devices easily. Advantages Following are the Advantages of digital disruption for MHE Effectivepatient communication For MHE, digital disruption provides areas for improvement in patient interaction. It helps the customers to stay updated regarding the diagnosis, appointments, treatment selection, and doctor visit (France, and Wilson, 2016). Improved diagnostics and compliance The idea of the custom-made care and improved diagnostics is important factor anticipated by science fiction. Since the wearable medical devicesintroduced in the market, the concept of constant measurement has appearedmore real (Eid et al., 2017).Thus, digital platform gives the MHE a prospect of easy access to patient details in the real world. Improved sales practices Being a private healthcare manufacturer or supplier, MHE must fulfillnumerous reps from the same pharmacompany.Digital disruption provides the expertise required and more flexible solution within each specialism from a customer perspectivedemandingeffective healthcare services. Disadvantages It can be seen that Digital platforms have disrupted the markets largely.Most of the companies invest more on digital platforms rather than physical assets. Also, theyexploitdata and relationships, and technology of their networks to yieldmore value than asimilar organization (Ram et al., 2015). This network effect results in the rise of new business and mental models. Being in the medical care sector, MHE is not resistant to these new business models. It can beaffected by disruption due to the minutiae of navigating opaque billing processes, the exaltation of doctors, andrulesdestroying competition. Ways to improve In order to get maximum benefit from digital platforms, MHE is required to learn to consider it not as anobjectbut as away to operate and a way of thinking to run the business. The company should use the broad range of technologies and applications to develop more efficient automation, improved decision making, and effective connectivity with the customers as well as other external stakeholders (Gamme, and Berg, 2016). Using these business process designs MHE canmake a new way of working which can fundamentally transform the organization. Digital should be put by the management at the top of their strategic priorities while the CEO should proactively monitor the digital transformations. Conclusion On the basis of the above report, it can be concluded that in healthcare device manufacturing companies, installation of ERP is very important. The main benefits which MHE canget from the formulations ofSAGE X3 ERP package is the flexibility and speed when reacting to unforeseen changes in business processes or at the organizational level.Sincemost of the applications possess a moderately loose connection, it will be quite easy to replace them when it seems necessary. In addition to this, on the basis of above analysis, it is revealed that MHE can choosethosebusiness solutions which are most suited for their ERP demands. However, the disadvantage of these ERPs is that they canresult in an increased number of software suppliers that companies can find difficult to manage and can face challenges for the central IT. References Almajali, D.A., Masa'deh, R.E. and Tarhini, A. (2016) Antecedents of ERP systems implementation success: a study on Jordanian healthcare sector.Journal of Enterprise Information Management,29(4), pp.549-565. Poba-Nzaou, P., Uwizeyemungu, S., Raymond, L. and Par, G. (2014) Motivations underlying the adoption of ERP systems in healthcare organizations: Insights from online stories.Information Systems Frontiers,16(4), pp.591-605. Garg, P. and Agarwal, D. (2014) Critical success factors for ERP implementation in a Fortis hospital: an empirical investigation.Journal of Enterprise Information Management,27(4), pp.402-423. Parthasarathy, S. and Daneva, M. (2014) Customer requirements based ERP customization using AHP technique.Business process management journal,20(5), pp.730-751. Branger, J. and Pang, Z. (2015)From automated home to sustainable, healthy and manufacturing home: a new story enabled by the Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0.Journal of Management Analytics,2(4), pp.314-332. Mucheleka, M. and Halonen, R.(2015) April.ERP in Healthcare. InICEIS (1)(pp. 162-171). OSullivan, J.A., Goldensohn, D. and Hinton, R. (2014) Meeting the skills gap with a focus on ERP education at SUNY; Farmingdale State College and Binghamton University.Open Journal of Business and Management,2(04), p.354. Gamme, I.A.. and Berg, G.(2016) Operational Integration in Health Care versus Mass Production.Quality Innovation Prosperity,20(1), pp.1-17. Ram, J., Corkindale, D. and Wu, M.L. (2015) Examining the role of organizational readiness in ERP project delivery.Journal of Computer Information Systems,55(2), pp.29-39. Eid, M.I.M., Eid, M.I.M., Abbas, H.I. and Abbas, H.I. (2017) User adaptation and ERP benefits: moderation analysis of user experience with ERP.Kybernetes,46(3), pp.530-549. Choi, S., Kang, G., Jun, C., Lee, J.Y. and Han, S. (2017) Cyber-physical systems: a case study of development for manufacturing industry.International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology,55(4), pp.289-297. France, A. and Wilson, J. (2016) Contemporary costing in the health sector to provide contribution performance reporting for profitability.New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research,14(1), p.1. Das, S. and Dayal, M. (2016) Exploring determinants of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection and adoption: A qualitative study in the Indian education sector.Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research,18(1), pp.11-36. Hussain, M., Malik, M. and Al Neyadi, H.S. (2016) AHP framework to assist lean deployment in Abu Dhabi public healthcare delivery system.Business Process Management Journal,22(3), pp.546-565. Amani, F., Amani, F., Fadlalla, A. and Fadlalla, A. (2016) Organizing ERP research: a knowledge-centric approach.Journal of Enterprise Information Management,29(6), pp.919-940. Shen, Y.C., Chen, P.S. and Wang, C.H. (2016) A study of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system performance measurement using the quantitative balanced scorecard approach.Computers in Industry,75(1), pp.127-139. Budgett, A., Gopalakrishnan, M. and Schneller, E. (2017) Procurement in public private hospitals in Australia and Costa Ricaa comparative case study.Health Systems,6(1), pp.56-67. Habidin, N.F., Shazali, N.A., Ali, N., Khaidir, N.A. and Jusoh, O. (2016) The impact of lean healthcare practice on healthcare performance: the mediating role of supply chain innovation in Malaysian healthcare industry.International Journal of Critical Accounting,8(1), pp.79-93. Awa, H.O., Awa, H.O., Ojiabo, O.U. and Ojiabo, O.U. (2016) A model of adoption determinants of ERP within TOE framework.Information Technology People,29(4), pp.901-930. Islam, R., Ahmed, S. and Tarique, K.M. (2016) Prioritisation of service quality dimensions for healthcare sector.International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics,8(2), pp.108-123.

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Kockelman, Paul. Chaper 2 A Mayan Ontology of Po Essays - Pteropus

Kockelman, Paul. "Chaper 2: A Mayan Ontology of Poultry." In The chicken and the quetzal: incommensurate ontologies and portable values in Guatemala's cloud forest, 49-85. Durham: Duke University Press, 2016. Rose, Deborah Bird. "Flying Fox: Kin, Keystone, Kontaminant." Manoa 22, no. 2 (2010): 175-190. Flying Fox Foxes are keystone species Australia Based on findings by Donna Harway "we and others are entangled in knots of species who are co-shaping each other in layers of reciprocating complexity" pg 175 "In the Anthropocene there is no way out of entanglements within multispecies communities. Rather than seeking to erect more impenetrable barriers against others, relational ethics for living and dying in the Anthropocene urge us to assume ever greater mutuality and accountability as intradependent members of the suffering family of life on Earth." Pg 175 Author learns about flying foxes from indigenous people Stories relate foxes to people, similarly to stories about other animals in different areas Co-evolution between flying foxes and Megachiropterans and flowing plants Seed-dispersal agents for these Orchardists see flying foxes as pests that eat their fruit Zero tolerance "this is an us' and them' boundary organized along an either-or axis: it offers no place for co-existence or mutuality" pg 181 Compares the mass murder of flying foxes to be terrorism "The battle against flying foxes has never involved equals and, in its orientation toward extermination, finds affinity with modernity's terrorism. Talk about comparing human and animal lives pg 185 The Chicken and the Quetzal Guatemala Ontology Q'eqchi' people and their relationship with chickens Language Chicken associated with femininity Rooster associated with masculinity Analyzes etymology Looks at ontological placement of chickens in various ways, including etymology, relationships between birds, lexical taxonomies, discursive disruptions Relation between women and chickens, chickens and other animals, and women and other identities Chickens and their parts circulating as items with use value and exchange value Social relations mediated through this "chickens mediated any number of social relations, thereby constituting a medium of exchange in the social economy" pg 66 Chickens slaughtered to feed groups and gods at ceremonies Selfhood Selfhood constituted by a kind of ontological reflexivity These reflexive relations are distinct from and a condition for other modes of self-reflectivity Selfhood can't be understood w/o reference to ontology "Flying Fox: Kin, Keystone, Kontaminant" is a paper written by Deborah Bird Rose in 2010 about the flying fox in Australia. She speaks with indigenous people to learn how flying foxes relate to people and analyzes the newly developed relationship between flying foxes and orchardists, who consider them to be pests. Although flying foxes are a keystone species and extremely important to the health of many ecosystems, because they are a pest to orchardists, we have attacked them with guns, electric nets, explosives, and biological weapons. There "is an us' and them' boundary organized along an either-or axis: it offers no place for co-existence or mutuality" (Rose, 181). Rose even goes as far as to compare our actions towards flying foxes to terrorism. She argues that conflicts like the one between orchardists and flying foxes are unavoidable and that we should "assume ever greater mutuality and accountability as intradependent members of the suffering family of life on Earth" (Rose, 17 5). In "The Chicken and the Quetzal," Paul Kockelman writes about the ontology of chickens among speakers of the Q'eqchi' language. He examines the ontological placement of chickens linguistically and symbolically, economically, and psychologically. This covers etymology, relationships between birds, lexical taxonomies, social relations, attributions of human characteristics to animals, and the relation between children and chicken (Kockelman, 52). The two readings this week are both contemporary pieces published in the past decade, unlike many of our previous readings. Rose writes about the flying fox as it relates to both indigenous people and orchardists, whereas Kockelman describes the ontology of the chicken for Q'eqchi' speakers. Rose argues that we should assume more accountability and try to live alongside other species rather than take an us vs them mentality and remove them from our lives. She mentions the problem of equating animal and human lives. She says that we can address the issue of comparison "without cheapening anyone's life or death" and claims that if we treat human and nonhuman deaths as separate events, we make it impossible to understand "the complexities of anthropogenic deathscapes and have difficulty considering our entangled responsibilities and accountabilities (Rose, 185). I agree that treating human and nonhuman deaths separately

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As You Sow so Shall You Reap free essay sample

As you sow so shall you reap Good morning said a woman as she walked up to the man slating on ground. The man slowly looked up. This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her coat was new She looked like she had never missed a meal in her life. HIS first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him, Like so many others had done before Leave me alone, he growled.. To his amazement, the woman continued standing. She was smiling her even white teeth displayed in dazzling rows. Are you hungry? She asked. No, he answered sarcastically. Ive Just come from dining with the president. Now go away. The womans smile became even broader. Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm. What are you doing, lady? the man asked angrily. l said to leave me alone. Just then a policeman came up. We will write a custom essay sample on As You Sow so Shall You Reap or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Is there any problem, maam? he asked. No problem here, officer, the woman answered. Im Just trying to get this man to his feet. Will you help me? The officer scratched his head. Thats old Jack. Hes been a fixture around here for a couple of years.What do you want with him? See that cafeteria over there? she asked. Im going to get him something to eat and get him out of the cold for awhile. Are you crazy, lady? the homeless man resisted. l dont want to go in there! Then he felt strong hands grab his other arm and lift him up. Let me go, officer. I didnt do anything. This Is a good deal for you, Jack the officer answered. Dont blow It Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman and the police officer got Jack into the cafeteria and sat him at a table in a remote corner.It was the middle of the morning, o most of the breakfast crowd had already left and the lunch bunch had not yet arrived. .. Here, officer? he asked. What is all this, is this man in trouble? This lady brought this man in here to be fed, the policeman answered. Not in here! the manager replied angrily. Having a person like that here is bad for business.. . Old Jack smiled a toothless grin. See lady. I told you so. Now if youll let me go. I didnt want to come here in the first place. The woman turned to the cafeteria manager and smiled. .. Sir, are you familiar with Eddy and Associates, the Nanking firm down the street? Of course I am, the manager answered impatiently. They hold their weekly meetings in one of my banquet rooms. And do you make a godly amount of money providing food at these weekly meetings? What business is that of yours? I, sir, am Penelope Eddy, president and CEO of the company. Oh. The woman smiled again. l thought that might make a difference. She glanced at the cop who was busy stifling a giggle. Would you like to Join us in a cup of coffee and a meal, officer? No thanks, maam, the officer replied. Im on duty. Then, perhaps, a cup of coffee to go? Yes, mama. That would be very nice. The cafeteria manager turned on his heel, Ill get your coffee for you right away, officer. The officer watched him walk away. You certainly put him in his place, he said. That was not my intent. Believe it or not, I have a reason for all this. She sat down at the table across from her amazed dinner guest. She stared at him intently.. . Jack, do you remember me? Old Jack searched her face with his old, rheumy eyes. l think so I mean you do look familiar. Monger days when you worked here, and I came through that very door, cold and hungry. Maam? the officer said questioningly. He couldnt believe that such a magnificently turned out woman could ever have been hungry. I was Just out of college, the woman began. I had come to the city looking for a Job, but I couldnt find anything. Finally I was down to my last few cents and had been kicked out of my apartment. I walked the streets for days. It was February and I was cold and nearly starving. I saw this place and walked in on the off chance that I could et something to eat. Jack lit up with a smile. Now I remember, he said. . I was behind the serving counter. You came up and asked me if you could work for something to eat. I said that it was against company policy. l know, the woman continued. Then you made me the biggest roast beef sandwich that I had ever seen, gave me a cup of coffee, and told me to go over to a corner table and enjoy it. I was afraid that you would get into trouble. .. Then, when I looked over and saw you put the price of my food in the cash register, I knew then that everything loud be all right. So you started your own business? Old Jack said. l got a Job that very afternoon. I worked my way up. Eventually I started my own business that, with the help of God, prospered. She opened her purse and pulled out a business card.. When you are finished here, I want you to pay a visit to a Mr.. Lyons Hes the personnel director of my company. Ill go talk to him now and Im certain hell find something for you to do around the office. She smiled. l think he might even find the funds to give you a little advance so that you can buy some loathes and get a place to live until you get on your feetIf you ever need anything, my door is always opened to you. There were tears in the old mans eyes. How can I ever thank you? he said. Dont thank me, the woman answered. Thank God. .. Who led me to you. Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman paused at the entrance before going their separate ways. Thank you for all your help, officer, she said. On the contrary, Ms. Eddy, he answered. Thank you. I saw a miracle today, God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

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Communications Media Analysis Worksheet Essays

Communications Media Analysis Worksheet Essays Communications Media Analysis Worksheet Paper Communications Media Analysis Worksheet Paper Communications Environments and Media Questions COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENTS AND MEDIA Communications environmentCommunications medium Electronically mediated virtual communication____Two-way instant messaging_______ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions: 1. What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a. You are able to send out a meeting location change five minutes before the meeting starts to the other attendee (for small meetings) b. You are able to ask a someone a short question to find out information quickly c. Someone is able to quickly ask you your fax number so that they can send you a fax and you can verify receipt of the fax instantly d. Can coordinate on a homework assignment between classmates in different locations e. Can chat briefly with someone online when background noise in a location is too distracting for a phone call 2. What are two communications situations in which it would be inappropriate to use this medium? a. Having personal conversations in an office environment b. A manager sending confidential salary information to an employee when they are not certain who may be reading the instant message over the employee’s shoulder 3. What are five non-verbal communications elements characteristic of this medium? a. Font size, type, and color used in the message b. Whether or not emoticons are used c. The length of the initial message and length of responses d. The way each response is phrased (is the â€Å"enter† key pressed after every few words even if the entire sentence is not completed? ) e. The amount of time it takes each person to respond to each other â€Å"instantly† (one second versus 30 seconds). 4. What are five types of noise that this communications medium is subject to (e. g. , anything in the environment that delays, distorts, or destroys the message)? . Internet connection is broken mid-conversation b. Computer crash c. Instant messaging software versions are not compatible between users d. Power outage e. Hard component failures (monitor blackout, keyboard disconnection, mouse malfunction) 5. What types of feedback are possible with this medium? a. The receiver can reply instantly to the initial IM message b. The receiver can call the sender via telephone if the initial message was a telephone number c. The IM software can notify the sender that the receiver is online, a two-way connection is established, and the receiver is typing a message in reply 6. What are five communication skills necessary to effectively use this medium? a. Ability to compose short and coherent messages b. Ability to determine the level of information necessary in a brief message c. Ability to determine the information needs of the receiver d. Ability to understand the level of urgency required in order to use IM to send the message e. Ability to type fast with minimal spelling and grammatical errors 7. Is this medium appropriate for sending an urgent message? Explain. Two-way instant messaging allows for brief real time conversations when a telephone is not an option. This medium is appropriate for sending an urgent message only when the sender can verify that the receiver is online and available to chat (which is usually indicated by the software). If the receiver is not available for online chat at the time the sender wishes to send a message, the sender must choose email or another form of virtual communication that does not require the receiver to be present at the time the message is sent, while at the same time accepting that there will be a delay in the response. COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENTS AND MEDIA Communications environmentCommunications medium Paper-mediated virtual communication_________Report________ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions: 8. What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a. Sending results analysis to a business customer concerning a recent product rollout b. Presenting a list of research findings to a group of people c. Creating a sharing numerical data in the form of graphs to upper level management d. Presenting on cost benefits of a new product to stakeholders e. Sharing your course learning with classmates r the instructor of a class 9. What are two communications situations in which it would be inappropriate to use this medium? a. Composing a biography for a company website b. Writing an abstract interpretation of a song or piece of literature 10. What are five non-verbal communications elements characteristic of this medium? a. Font style and size used b. Length of paragraphs within the document and num ber of pages c. Use of graphs and colors d. Whether or not the report is printed or sent via email attachment e. If the report is printed, whether or not it is bound in a formal report cover 11. What are five types of noise that this communications medium is subject to (e. g. , anything in the environment that delays, distorts, or destroys the message)? a. If the report is an email attachment, the file size may be too large for some inboxes b. Paper may jam while printing c. May run out of ink when either printing or copying d. Graphs or diagrams may not be aligned properly if report is viewed from another operating system e. Data may not be complete or available in time for the report deadline 12. What types of feedback are possible with this medium? a. If the report is handed out in person, face to face verbal acknowledgement may be given b. If the report is send via email attachment, the receiver may send an email reply c. If the report is presenting in front of a group, questions may be asked in response to the report content 13. What are five communication skills necessary to effectively use this medium? a. Ability to interpret data into graphs b. Ability to determine the level of information needed for the target audience c. Ability to interpret research information so that logical conclusions are reached d. Ability to organize thoughts in a logical order so that receivers can come to the correct conclusions e. Ability to use the applications necessary to compose the report (such as Word, Excel, and Power Point). 14. Is this medium appropriate for sending an urgent message? Explain. This medium is not appropriate for sending an urgent message because reports are usually created after the sender takes time to gather, analyze, and interpret data. The report reflects as few as several hours to several days and even several months worth of research and the report itself may take some time to put together. COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENTS AND MEDIA Communications environmentCommunications medium Electronically mediated Real-Time communication___Radio_______ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions: 15. What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a. Morning news report broadcasted during driver commutes b. Daily traffic reports delivered during morning and evening rush hour to drivers c. Advertising for listeners in between music sets d. Severe weather advisories which interrupt normal broadcasting e. School and business closings during inclement weather (such as snow) 16. What are two communications situations in which it would be inappropriate to use this medium? a. Broadcasting a news or television program b. Sending out a personalized message to just one individual (no guarantee they will be listening at the particular moment the message is sent out). 17. What are five non-verbal communications elements characteristic of this medium? a. Use of background music with the radio message b. The tone of the speaker (monotone or with conversational inflection) c. Competency or confidence of the person speaking or reading the message d. Speed at which the message is spoken or read e. Length of advertisement or broadcast 18. What are five types of noise that this communications medium is subject to (e. g. , anything in the environment that delays, distorts, or destroys the message)? a. Radio signal is weak b. Traffic noises during rush hour c. Listener changes channels in the middle of broadcast d. Radio station DJ cuts message short e. Listener carrying on a conversation with another person during broadcast 19. What types of feedback are possible with this medium? a. Listeners respond to advertisement by visiting store b. Listeners call into radio station in response to a news report or to provide traffic updates c. Listeners can email radio station in response to news heard on the radio 20. What are five communication skills necessary to effectively use this medium? a. Ability to speak clearly and annunciate each word b. Fluent in language that the message is written in c. Ability to broadcast messages on one take without making a mistake d. Ability of the writer to compose short and coherent messages e. Ability to determine the level of information needed for the target audience 21. Is this medium appropriate for sending an urgent message? Explain. This medium is appropriate for sending an urgent message when the message is important enough to interrupt the radio program. The most common situation for urgent radio messages is to warn listeners of severe weather such as tornados and floods. COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENTS AND MEDIA Communications environmentCommunications medium Unmediated Real-Time communication_____water-cooler conversation_____ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions: 22. What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a. Asking a co-worker about their weekend b. Talking about last night’s news report c. Making plans for lunch later in the day d. Sharing short personal stories that help to empathize and relate to other coworkers e. Networking and offering services for projects within and outside of work 23. What are two communications situations in which it would be inappropriate to use this medium? a. Gossiping about a fellow colleague behind their back b. Discussing confidential customer information 24. What are five non-verbal communications elements characteristic of this medium? a. Body language and posture b. Eye contact and visual focus c. Volume and inflection of voice d. Whether or not the greeting is friendly, apathetic, or hostile e. Level of listening – does the listener interrupt the speaker or lack any response? 25. What are five types of noise that this communications medium is subject to (e. g. , anything in the environment that delays, distorts, or destroys the message)? a. Someone walks by and interrupts the conversation b. External noises are too loud to hear the speaker clearly c. Listener has a poor opinion of the speaker and is biased against anything the speaker has to say d. Listener is distracted by the speaker’s grooming techniques (messy hair, wrinkled shirt, etc). e. Speaker mumbles or does not annunciate well 26. What types of feedback are possible with this medium? a. Physical feedback such as head nodding, smiling, laughing, or even frowning b. The listener paraphrases what the speaker has said to make sure the message is understood. c. The listener asks questions to clarify information 27. What are five communication skills necessary to effectively use this medium? . The ability to know what topics are appropriate for casual conversation (nothing too personal, confidential, or controversial) b. Ability to speak clearly c. Good listening skills such as focusing attention on the speaker and acknowledging understanding of the message d. Ability to determine the volume of speaking the conversation should have (not too loud as to interrupt others around you, but just loud enough to be heard) e. The ability to know when it is appropriate to carry on a casual conversation (preferably not when the listener is very busy, distracted, or not in a good mood). 8. Is this medium appropriate for sending an urgent message? Explain. This medium is not appropriate for sending an urgent message due to the fact that water-cooler conversations occur when people are free to speak casually about light topics. Urgent messages cannot depend that all intended receivers will be present and available at â€Å"the water cooler† to hear the message. Urgent messages also imply a level of importance and the water-cooler scenario is most appropriate for non-essential communications. COMMUNICATIONS SCENARIOS State which medium or media you consider the best for use in the following communications situations. Assume your intended audience has the capability to receive your message. Explain your choices. 29. You manage three company locations within a large city. There are 100 workers among the three locations. You receive a message from company headquarters informing you that the company plans to layoff 10 percent of its workforce in your city. Your job is to deliver this information to your employees. A mandatory meeting should be scheduled for employees at all three locations. The meeting would be held at one main location with employees at other locations either dialing into the meeting via teleconferencing or videoconferencing. This way the message can be delivered only once with all employees present, and employees are present to either ask questions which will receive immediate answers, or listen to questions asked by other co-workers. 30. Although you work in the U. S. , you are the manager responsible for a small workforce in three offices in three different overseas locations. Each office has two managers and 14 non-management employees. You need to pass confidential information on to the managers at each location- information that it is not appropriate for the other employees to have at this time. The confidential information will either be saved onto a password protected CD-ROM and mailed to each manager, or the information may be placed in an encrypted file and sent via email attachment. The managers will then be provided with the password to unlock or decode the information once they receive it. This way, those who have the password (the managers) are the only individuals who will see the confidential information. 1. You are the marketing manager of a small company that has developed a new and unique consumer product. However, the target market for your product is quite specific (that is, your product is not aimed at all consumers). You need to get word of your product to your target market quickly, and prefer not to waste money delivering your message to people who would not be potential customers. If the small company keeps detailed customer records and the target market is existing customers, then a direct mailing campaign would be most appropriate. However, if the advertising is limited to a certain type of consumer, perhaps advertising can be done in the types of media the target consumer would generally read, listen to, or watch. For example, if the target audience was parents, then an ad in a local parenting magazine or paper would be ideal, with the actual advertisement composed in such a way as to appeal to parents. 32. You have a virtual workforce of 30 employees who all work at home or on the road. You need to update them on wide-ranging changes in product pricing- the pricing update information runs to several pages of fairly small type. Since the information to communicate is several pages in length, and the type is fairly small, the best means of reaching a telecommuting workforce is via a company intranet. The information can be published on an intranet site that only employees can access and obtain information at any time from any place. They would be able to view the pricing update document and use the zoom function to increase the size of the font so that the information is easier to read. They also have the option to print out the information from a location of their choosing.

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Mayfly by Kevin Canty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mayfly by Kevin Canty - Essay Example James’ character appears to be a hard driven man in his mid thirties who is not quite sure about the direction which his life is taking and seems to be unsure whether he is satisfied or not. Molly is James’ girlfriend and takes the role of a delicate soul with a penchant for al things living seen by the way she is affected by the butterflies on the highway (Canty). She is a writer who is enthusiastic about taking care of herself seen by her sobriety and vegan diet but she also loves to express herself seen by the type of work that she does (writing) as well as her liking of tattoos. Sam is James’ old friend from college and comes out as a semi-irresponsible father and husband who nonetheless, appears to be doing fine financialy depicted by the description of his house and lifestyle (Canty). He also comes off as having an adulterous aspect about him although this is not confirmed and is taken from a number of clues that come out in the story. Jenny is a mother of three and Sam’s wife. She comes out as a tired figure in need of support from her husband that does not appear to be forthcoming. There is a sense of resentment around her in terms of her marriage to Sam, and it seems that she has resigned herself to the hand that fate has dealt her though she is not pleased with it. The story is told from James’ point of view, and this has an influence on the shaping of the story’s focus. By seeing things from James’ point of view, the reader is able to experience the various moods and emotions that he goes through via the thoughts that run through his head and this help’s focus the view of the rest of the group from an external perspective. The doubts that James has over his relationship with Molly and the activities between his girlfriend and Sam when they go on their trip is derived from the perspective that James has on the status of his relationship. The appearance of Jenny is told from James’ eyes as well including the experiences she has been through. This helps the story to focus on the main character who is James even when the topic is about somebody else. Reading the story from James’ point of view also allows the reader to get inside the main character’s head and depicts the way he thinks and looks at issues from his objective. For example, James lack of guilt after his midnight rendezvous with Jenny may not have been depicted had the story been told from another perspective. (Canty) The significance of the Monarchs in the opening scenes can be said to be used in the provision of the setting for the reader, a means with which to describe the scene as it were. The sheer number of insects and their death on the windscreen of James car provides a somewhat gloomy setting which can also be said to have been used to project the mood of the two characters (James and Molly) in the opening scenes (Canty). The butterflies can also be said to have been used to demonstrat e Molly’s care for living creatures as she insists on stopping when she realizes what is happening to them. The fact that she cares about something as small as a butterfly that she could be moved to tears goes a long way in portraying her character (Canty). The monarchs and butterflies in their travels towards the north can also be used to depict both James (the monarch) and Molly (the butterfly) in their journey together in life with the car’s windshield portraying the potential hazards they might come across while trying to keep their relationship alive. The mayflies can be seen to represent the cycle of life and the inevitable eventuality of our actions that are bound to be repeated when one is placed

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Media Violence and Imitation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Media Violence and Imitation - Essay Example Media Violence and Imitation Susan Hurley’s article may not contain any definitive research or universally agreeable answers, and it may be victim of the same narrow partisan dogmatism that she decries (her constant derision of liberals as â€Å"outdated†, are a testament to this). But it does contain many valid points that can at least be debated if not accepted by anyone. It must also be noted that Hurley goes through great pains to distance herself from conservative demagoguery and manages to offer somewhat acceptable compromises by invoking tort instead of legislation to deal with the matter. De Bruin manages to address the issue of Tort effectively enough, by stating that a link between criminal violence and media violence may be too difficult to prove even in individual cases, rendering the entire process fruitless and a formality. Furthermore de Bruin also asks the question, how are we to decide which forms of imitative influences are good and which are bad, and one can assume that the logic al conclusion to a continuation of filtering imitative influences in the media can lead to another form of social engineering. The lines in this debate as they usually are in debates of the controversial variety are heavily blurred. The side which one takes on this issue is primarily subjective. We must decide for ourselves whether or not personal autonomy should be decreased for the greater social good and whether or not individual members of a society can decide what the greater social good involves.

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Studies in entrepreneurship Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Studies in entrepreneurship - Research Paper Example He outlines the resources needed in fulfilling the need identified. The entrepreneur is often responsible for the success of the business identified and its failure as well; therefore, he has to plan on how to manage the business amidst all the problems and challenges in the immediate and external environment. The entrepreneur often operates in some kind of an entrepreneurship ecosystem whereby he has to plan and develop tools that he can use to obtain additional funding and other resources needed in the achievement of the identified goals and objectives. For instance, he has to prepare his business plan in order get assistance from the bank and other financial systems. Entrepreneuship has caused the gorwth and development of small business intiatives to become large international ventures (Stevenson, 1997). This has led to great success of these multinational corporations that has been aided by resourceful and able networking among the stakeholders involved and the investors (Stevenson & Jarillo, 1990). During the course, one of the areas that interested me was the development of the social capital. This is because, in long term, it helps in achieving great internationalization in many business activities across countries of the world. This paper summarizes all that I have learnt, showing the areas that have been of great interest to me. Stevenson & Zarillo (1990), have been effective in their research about the different ways in which people can start and manage business activities. According to this research, entrepreneurship is an important activity through which people can identify and exploit their diverse potential in solving various needs in the society and corporate world. In the same way, Stevenson (1997), outlines the six different dimensions on the subject of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in itself is a process that requires careful